Thursday, March 7, 2013

My bubbies

Noah has been calling Carson "bubby" a lot and I just absolutely adore it.  It makes me smile everytime!

Of course he got it from me, I may have called both of my boys that way too many times.

Noah also just uses in the cutest way and at the sweetest times.

Yesterday Carson was whiny a lot of the day and at one point, Noah goes "Bubby, what's wrong, why you keep crying?  You want  fishies, bunnies, water, strawberry milk, chuck truck? "
I love that he was trying to help me figure out what was wrong.  Granted he probably just wanted some peace in his playroom but it came out super sweet.

In the car the other day when it was snowing, Carson was crying and Noah said, "Bubby, it's okay.  We be home soon, mom has to pay attention to the road"

The other sweet bubby's I hear are when Carson wakes up from nap or in the morning, Noah will say good morning bubby, or hi bubby, you awake?  Or when he gets hurt, he will ask Bubby, are you okay?

I don't know what it is about that word because it would still be sweet if he said Carson in place of all those but when you use Bubby my heart melts.  I'm so blessed by them with they are buddies.  One lucky momma to call these two boys mine!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Carson at 18 Months

Carson at 18 Months, you

- Are a  cuddle monkey, if I had to describe you in one phrase I think that would do it.  You love attention and cuddling when you are in the mood, and if you aren't then you are running around being a monkey, climbing and jumping onto everything!

- Have been getting lots of teeth the last two months.  I think you are almost done besides your molars

- Down to 1 nap

-Bless me by how good you are in the car once we get you in, sometimes that can be the struggle

-Talk, talk, talk.  I'm amazed at how many words you say now.  You use a  lot to communicate and tell us  what you want but you also are repeating after us.

-You understand the word no and use it ALL the time.  It's so cute, you say no and shake your little head!

-Are so good at saying Thank you.  We didn't even really have to teach you it, you just started.

-Still love Elmo. You love little videos on the Ipad with him but aren't a big fan yet of the Full Sesame Street episodes.  They don't hold your attention.  You also do the happy dance when Thomas comes on because Noah loves it and gets excited but you really don't watch it after the opening song.

- On the same note, have the cutest happy dance.  You tap your feet and run in circles

-Got out of your crib 1 night last week but haven't done it since.  I'm not sure why it surprised me but you are a determined boy and you didn't want to go to bed.  We will see how much longer you make it in the crib before we have to switch you.

- Are such a picky eater still! Ready for move past this buddy!

-Love to help mommy, you love shutting doors, putting things in the trash for me or picking up toys when I am doing it.

- On the same token you love to throw things.  Normal for a toddler boy

-You know some of your animal sounds, and love doing facial features.  Once you get going you want to point out everyone's everything and won't stop grabbing onto my eyelashes when you point at my eyes.  I never have any to spare buddy, be gentle!

- Try to sneak outside every chance you get.

-Think the Ipad is yours and you need to watch Elmo all the time but yet constantly touch the screen so it's always stopping or switching to another app.

-Sometimes you tell us when you have went "poppy", others you tell us and go lie down by where your diapers are

-Love to be big and join in on stuff with the rest of the family.  Some nights when we are going to watch something on TV with Noah  and we get popcorn, you think you need some and you are the first to try and get out a blanket for us to use on the couch.  You try to sit with us too but you just can't sit still for that long.

-Likes getting rocked and cuddled before bed, and after nap.  When we are home, if I can I just sit on the bed with you after you wake up and cuddle.  It's our sweet time!

-Loves your daddy more and more everyday.  I think he's your favorite!  The way you always get so excited to see him and follow him around is adorable.

- Love, love, love messing with lights

-Are starting to play more and more with toys finally.  You and Noah really do try and play together sometimes.  You look up to him and want to do what he does a lot.  You are already best buddies!

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of great things you do right now but Carson we love you soo much!   You are a handful but so cute, sweet, and silly too!

You Know you are mom When....

You know you are a mom When....

I just recently started following The Pink Momma  which you can find here and today she did You know you are a mom, when and encouraged others to join!

Here is my list for a mom of two boys 3 and 1 1/2

1)  You always carry some emergency treat in your purse for public disasters
2) Each time you clean your floors, they cleanliness is only a sure bet until the next snack or meal
3) You can never go to the bathroom alone, and if you try expect screaming or knocking kids at the door
4) When kids are awake and it's quiet, you know they must be into something they shouldn't be
5) Decorating revolves around my boys, nothing down low, no pretty glass vases or breakables on table, very simplistic
6) Everything dangerous takes much longer to get into, my house sports some sweet cabinet locks and outlet plugs.  In a kid free home you could have half your house vacuumed by the time I can get my vacuum plugged in
7) The laundry is never "done"
8) It's never safe to walk downstairs in the dark.  You never know what you may step on
9) They say microfiber furniture is easy to clean, not in this house
10) The "fun" apps that are most used on our ipad are PBS and Disney and children's learning.
11)  You choose to take a phone call or make one, I need to be prepared for a huge mess all over the house or a chance of some major fighting
12) You buy batteries in bulk packs and you go through them like water
13) Dinner doesn't involve 2-4 courses, it takes half of the kitchen to make because everyone eats something different.
14)  You catch yourself wearing character bandaids on a regular basis
15) You randomly hearing crying when it doesn't really exist.  I call it phantom crying
16)  When you put your 28 year old butt in time in your room to get a break for a few minutes
17)  Your style for the day revolves around what you will be doing and where you are going with your kids.  Will I be crawling around, chasing, sitting, holding (can't wear something easily pulled down)
18)  When new decor is the latest picture that was colored or craft that was made
19)  Jewelry becomes toys, or anything in the bathroom for that matter, sometimes a mom just needs to get ready in a timely manner and needs to not be pulled on
20)  You start to get ready to leave 30 minutes before you actually need to walk out the door

But also you know you are a mom when,

You have a whole new definition for the word "love"
You get to love on, kiss and cuddle up with the best little things you have ever known!
Giggles and laughs have never sounded so good!
Your favorite place to be is with your family!
You have never felt so blessed than when you look into the faces of your kids!

Being a mom is hard, it's about making sacrifices every day, but at the end of the day I can't imagine life without our two cuties and wouldn't trade them for a thing!

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

What a great weekend we had, out to dinner with friends on Saturday then caught a movie with some chocolate and candy, made a quick day trip yesterday to see some family and ate at a buffet for lunch.  Now it's Monday I'm ready to get back on the health bandwagon and eat some good for my body food this week!  Over the last month  I have gained back some pounds I lost and now I'm ready to say good bye to them!  I have no excuses, I've ate a bunch lately and a lot of junk so unfortunately I deserved it!

Here's to a healthy week!

Monday-  Crock Pot BBQ Pork Ribs (for the hubby, I'm making spaghetti squash for me)  Baked red potatoes and Green Beans

Tuesday- Stuffed Pepper Soup from the freezer.  Have I mentioned how much I love having food in the freezer before?  Because it truly is one of the things that makes me happy!  I need to start adding instead of taking away because there is only a few things left.
Also I don't like stuffed peppers so much but this soup I really do like!

Wednesday-  Whole Chicken in the Crock Pot, Brown rice and carrots

Thursday-  Leftovers

Friday-  Clean Baked Ziti and salad

Have a great week!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday

Sunday- Family Outing to Panda Express, fancy right? 

Monday-  Salisbury Steak/ mashed potatoes and gravy/green beans
Not my personal favorite but the hubs has asked for it a few times lately, so it finally made it onto the menu this week!

Tuesday-  Homemade Pizza

Wednesday- Chicken and Rice soup

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday- Quesadilla Casserole   I have had a certain mexican casserole that I have been making for awhile.  I found this recipe about a month ago, tried it and we decided we liked it better so it's our new go-to Mexican casserole.  If you are a clean eater this is a great mexican choice!  

Saturday- Wait and See!  

Happy Menu Planning

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Name Calling

We have quite the name caller in our house right now.  I have no idea where kids get the idea to do this?  I'm sure he has picked it up from some older kids at daycare, church and other places he is around kids.  But in all seriousness we as adults don't walk around calling each other potty names so where do they get the ideas.  Noah  has been calling us poopy, stinky, stinky butt, baby,  cookie, coka( no idea what this is supposed to mean), toot, hippo, boba (another random), all sorts of food names and random toys as he plays with them.  I probably laughed at first and created a name calling monster.  Now he just thinks he is so darn funny and is always laughing at himself even if I give him that look. Thought about using soap as a punishment but seriously who has bar soap anymore?  There isn't any in this house.  I don't now how to stop this bad habit,  sometimes it seems like 20% of my day getting on his case for it.  I'll add it to my list of toddler isms I'm constantly working on!  Another one is getting the word stupid out of his vocab.  This is the kind of stuff they should of taught in college instead of so much other useless stuff I learned! This momma needs some help in the correction department!

I think this is why God made toddlers so cute and funny to make up for their frustrating orneriness!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Moving On!

What a year we have had so far in the sick department.  We were all healthy for the most part until right before the New Year, Carson got bronchialitis, then I got it, next Noah.   All healthy for a week or two then Carson got it again.  Everyone healthy again then Noah got chicken pox, then 2 days later Carson got the chicken pox and bronchialitis AGAIN!  Poor guy just couldn't get rid of it.  This last time they sent us to get a chest xray to make sure they weren't missing something boy was that fun taking a chicken pox kid in to get an xray while he was already cranky!  Everything turned up clear but they decided to put him on Prednisone liquid version for kids to try something a little stronger for him since he kept getting it back.  I will never unless it is absolutely necessary let him take that again.  For 4 days he pretty much screamed at me non-stop.    He would hang on my feet and scream like he wanted me, then I picked him up and he would try and push off me while screaming.  He hit, he clawed, he bit.  Needless to say it was the roughest 4 days of motherhood so far!  I'm surprised he still has a voice left.  It took me a few days to realize it was from the medicine, then I remembered how I felt on Prednisone and it made a lot more sense.  I felt so bad for Carson though because he got the chicken pox worse then Noah and had his other stuff going on on top of it.  Poor guy couldn't breathe, he wheezed so bad!  The important part it we have moved on, the medicine has wore off and I got my sweet little, fun loving boy back thank goodness!  Missed him so much!  It was only 4 days on the medicine but seemed like so much longer!  

Here are our chicken pox boys in jammies which they sported for pretty much an entire week.  Noah would put clean jammies on after his bath and keep them on until the next bath.  I wanted them to be as comfy as possible.  
Carson didn't want his picture taken and was trying to hide.  

This is how Carson really felt all last week.  (Sorry Carson had to include this one, will be sure to tell you how you acted this week when you are older!  )
Taking an oatmeal bath.  Carson absolutely hated baths while he had chicken pox.  Last night was the first time we got him to sit down without being forced to sit.  Got some good pictures of Noah's full body chicken pox but was just too busy during Carson's stint and this is the best we had.  His poor head was just covered!  
And Awww.. This is what we have been up to the last couple days.   Back to reality and sweetness.  Noah was reading books to Carson yesterday.  They have just been playing and interacting a lot together.  
This morning they were holding hands running around circles 
And back to making messes and getting into trouble together.  
I'm glad we have the chicken pox done and over with for good (hopefully).  They are all scabbed up and healing and hoping they won't end up with too many scars!  Honestly they weren't that bad to deal with, yes it was some extra work, oatmeal baths, anti-itch cream, lavender lotion, some extra whines, and I didn't get anything done for a week  but I did get in lots of extra cuddling and if it wouldn't have been for that darn prednisone we wouldn't of had those 4 awful days on top of chicken pox!

However, I'm glad to feel like we are back to our normal life.  I feel caught up somewhat.  They have been so happy and have blessed me so much the last few days with their playing, smiling, laughing, kisses, and funny talking.  


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